Social Media Marketing

Everything your brand needs to begin growing your social media presence. This package focuses on optimizing your socia platforms and posting constent content.

Campaign Strategy

Account Manager

Platform Optimization

1 A/B Tested Ad

2 Posts/Week 

Campaign Case Study

2 Platforms

Banner Ad

Community Engagement


*Month to month
Phone on Desk


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Perfect for growing and nurturing your current audience. This package focuses on generating exciting creative content for brand awareness and community engagement.

Campaign Strategy

Account Manager

Platform Optimization

2 A/B Tested Ads

3 Posts/Week

Campaign Case Study

3 Platforms

1 Custom Banner Ad

Community Engagement (5 hrs)


*Month to month
City Skyscrapers


Comprehensive marketing strategies and implementation. Social media management, original content, influencers and paid advertisements. Everything your brand needs to thrive in todays digital age.

Campaign Strategy

Account Manager

Platform Optimization

3 A/B Tested Ads

5 Posts/Week

Campaign Case Study

4 Platforms

2 Custom Banner Ad​s

Community Engagement (10 hrs)


*6 month minimum

Platforms we manage: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter

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Campaign Strategy

We craft our digital campaigns through comprehensive research of your company, product/service, and market. This allows us to create effective plans that generate awareness, engagement, and ROI. We'll work with you to create plan that is unique to your current goals.  


Account Management

We'll manage digital ad campaigns that target specific buyers with custom content. We track each piece of content we produce to measure its effectiveness. After testing several pieces of content we're able to use data to improve our content strategy. 


Platform Optimization

We'll update the look and feel of your social media platforms with custom content, and optimize each platform for lead generation.


15-Second Ads

Customized video ads for social media. We'll work with you to create a content plan that works for your brand. Videos can be live-action, animation, drone, or a combination.   


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Weekly Posts

We'll post consistent content that aligns with your brand guidelines and marketing plan. Our posts range from live-action video commercials to animations and gifs. The content we generate will be planned during the strategy phase, and optimized for the channel its being shown on. 

Customer Engagement

We'll have real conversations with your customers using your voice. This is typically done through chatbots, inbox, or in the comments section of our clients' social media platforms. Drive conversion by continuing the conversation when you're not signed in.


Influencer Partnerships

We'll help you strategize your campaign, determine a set of on brand influencers, facilitate the relationship between you and your chosen influencer, and create the branded content needed for the campaign. 


Account Manager

You'll be provided with a dedicated account manager on-call to assist you during business hours. Your account manager will be the liaison between you and the creative team, ensuring your content is always on brand and accurate.

Case Studies

Following our campaign we'll provide you with a report of our results. Our case studies focus on tracking and analyzing tangible metrics that we can use to improve future campaigns.