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How To: Optimize Your Business Instagram And Facebook Accounts

If you’re looking to expand your community and wish to work all the angles of your Instagram and Facebook, then read on. Since Facebook Inc. acquired Instagram a few years back, businesses and users can now sync both accounts with ease, especially in terms of showcasing your Instagram posts on Facebook.

Word on the street is people spend more time on Instagram than Facebook these days, so if anything make sure one account is aligned with the other.

1. Ensure all information is updated

In both your Facebook and Instagram pages, always ensure everything is always constantly updated. If you’ve changed your website domain, contact information, or want to direct users to a specific link, be sure to post that in both and be consistent.

2. Advertise one account on the other, vice versa

Thankfully, Facebook owns Instagram so this should be relatively easy. First things first, see to it that your Instagram account is synced to your Facebook, so that whenever you post on Instagram, it will show up on Facebook and that way your Facebook friends/followers are able to see your Instagram and follow you. It works out great!

3. Upload attention-grabbing photos

If you are not already doing this, then you’re not doing it right. Kidding. But on a real note, the whole point of uploading a photo on a platform, especially Instagram, is to grab your followers’ attention and thus have them ‘like’ your photo. With the new Instagram algorithm, if you have enough likes, your picture could end up on the top of someone’s feed or maybe even the Explore page if someone is looking up related content.

4. Target audience on Facebook / Instagram

Both Instagram and Facebook have the option to target your audience, so your posts won’t be aimlessly out there without the appropriate viewership. This is another ordeal in itself, but The Next Ad does a great job at thoroughly explaining how to approach this. Of course, you can always hire some cool public relations people to do this for you too.

5. Embed an Instagram video in your website

Instagram videos are great because they delve into a deeper medium of what your business represents. They allow your customers to feel your brand. Today, buyers act on emotion, not statistics. You need to make your brand feel good. Aesthetically pleasing visuals are always a good move. Simply copy the video code and paste it into your website page.

6. Generate a flexible posting plan

Since your page is purely business, you should be posting on a consistent schedule. Not too frequently as they could turn off some followers (or not), but be sure you set a time and day of the week of when you’d like to post -- it could also be a cool, regular routine, that way your followers would be sure to tune in and see what you posted then.

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