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How To: Increase Website Traffic Through Instagram

So, you’re looking to increase traffic on your website. Well, friends, you’ve come to the right place and definitely approaching it the best millennial way possible. Instagram has become the quintessence of social media and a multifaceted platform to share almost whatever your heart desires, including your own venture.

With its user friendly features, navigating through should be painless. Its aesthetically pleasing graphics and visuals should automatically turn even the most boring of businesses into an appealing portfolio to click on.

If you’re relatively unacquainted with the functions Instagram provides to boost traffic on both your account and your website, then have no fear – these tips will provide enough insight to give your business, or your own personal page, the edge it needs.

1. Click the Link in Our Bio!

Be sure your website is always up to date. If you’re promoting a certain page or want to drive traffic on your most recent post, constantly update the link in your biography. Posting Instagram pictures or stories to promote new content on your website encourages them to click. Finally, be sure to have an application to track your click-through rate, which is a great medium to track your analytics and impressions.

2. Run an Instagram Ad Campaign

Ads on Instagram are practical and sometimes worth the small monetary investment. Unlike organic posts, ad campaigns are can lead users directly to your website because they are clickable. According to the Search Engine Journal, Instagram uses the Facebook backend to target specific demographics to ensure your ad reaches the right audience. It’s best to keep your ad running for a while, especially if you’re an emerging business looking to boost traffic and followers.

3. Utilize the Swipe Up / See More Feature on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are great to keep your followers and target audience updated on the ongoings of your venture as well as your personal life, however much you permit that is. I personally recommend sharing little snippets of your life to make your account more relatable and human. The Swipe Up / See More feature is linkable if your account is verified, which doesn’t have a grueling process itself according to this. These are great because it’s much more easily accessible than having to direct them to a link elsewhere.

4. Place a Call to Action on Images

Create a fun contest or giveaway in order to drive more subscribers, followers and/or impressions on your website, thus on your company overall. This is a lighthearted and interactive way to engage with your current followers and garner more attention from potential followers and other companies who might be interested in future collaboration. These posts then direct users to click the link in your company’s bio.

5. Find Influencers to Potentially Collaborate With

Believe it or not, this old trick can actually work wonders if you’re looking to gain publicity. Finding influencers – and it doesn’t have to be Drake or a Kardashian, as long as they have a few thousand – to collaborate with, can actually help your brand name become more widespread and in turn garner more followers.

These tips and tricks aren’t guaranteed to drive traffic up immediately, but with patience and a combination of time and monetary investment, it will pay off. Have we covered it all? Let us know in the comments below what you do to boost traffic and if we’ve missed any!

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