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Culver city bus brand video for Culver City Transportation

Culver City Transportation

Our team created a variety of videos for Culver City Transportation and their new Next CC Bus App. From pre-production to post-production, we crafted the story, script, and concept to advertise to bus riders in and around Culver City. Then, we used our video campaign to advertise to their riders on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Culver City Transportation's

COVID-19 Precautions

Right after we filmed the Next CCBus App Brand video, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like many other businesses, Culver City Transportation immediately took precautionary measures to ensure the safety of their riders and bus operators.


We created this short, text-based video to advertise on social media, the precautionary measures that Culver City Bus is taking. See our advertising analytics report below.

Motion Graphics App Tutorial

The Next CCBus App
Culver City Transportation's Next CCBus App
Looking at bus routes on Next CCBus app
Next CC Bus application on mobile phone
Drone shot in Culver City, CA with the Mavic 2
Next CC Bus Pic 8.png

Marketing Campaign

Our campaign began with several strategy sessions to discover factors like target audience, key performance indicators and past successes/failures. We took this information and created a customized, integrated approach.


The combination of original, data-driven creative and hyper-targeted distribution has allowed us to more than 5X all of our main KPIs in 1 month.


After the first month, we increased reach, impressions, engagement, and link clicks by at least 5X. Culver CityBus is experiencing record numbers across multiple KPIs. In addition, we've been able to position them as a premiere transportation agency through high-end content and tailored messaging. We have also been able collect more data on their target audience, which will be extremely beneficial for future campaigns.






Link Clicks




Cost Per Click



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