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The Creator Academy

Case Study

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Campaign Goal

Our goal was simple - sell out of the Creator Academy seats.

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The Creator Academy

The Creator Academy teaches content creators around the world how to take amazing pictures and make epic videos in exotic locations around the world.


Owner, Danny McGee, is well established in the content creation and travel industry with 82.7K followers on Instagram, having made videos for brands like RedBull, GoPro, Jackery, and more. The Creator Academy already had an email list of 36,000 people.



We started off addressing the effect of the pandemic. How can we, in the midst of a global shutdown, sell a course about traveling the world and making money from it? (no one can travel and money is tight for EVERYONE).

No Social Media Strategy

Creator Academy was something Danny built on the side. Although he is an amazing Director, Producer, and so much more he has not had a lot of experience in social media advertising.

Previous Social Media Agency

There wasn’t much room for error. He had already invested in another agency that didn’t produce the results he needed to be profitable or even sustainable - the pandemic didn’t help either.

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From January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2022, we helped the Creator Academy obtain 39,500 leads in the form of webinar registrations. This resulted in 391 Creator Academy members which generated over $146,000 in revenue. The course was so popular that we sold out and had to additional spots.

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Financial KPI's



Ad Spend






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Marketing KPI's

Click Through Rate




4.5 Million

14.9 Million

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